Kluster launches to fanfare, but nothing to do

Posted in Tech by collinevan on February 22, 2008


 Russ (roommate) and I sat at my computer tonight trying to amass a list of the rediculous web 2.0 names that make Silicon Valley bleed money into interactive startup funds. Don’t get me started on I’d rather milk cows.

Kluster launched in the last couple of days. It’s one of those sites that makes me want to say “Joe, take a look at this”. If I knew a Joe, he would.

Touting a crowdsourcing model, it’s a place for collaboration of ideas to become realistic. Ah human capital is attractive to web 2.0. The last great resource of man is going free on the Internet. Where is open source going? Open source health care? Open source child raising? Open source breakfast cereal? Lets hope not because I want to leave my bowl of Cap’n Crunch up to the masterminds.

It’ll be interesting to see what Kluster becomes, if it breeds mass lawsuits, and just how they propose to captivate the minds and audiences of people so that they feel like they need it. Last I checked, there was no shortage of ideas in the marketplace.. so I wonder if this is like feeding cactus to a lizard in the desert.

And why didn’t they go the web 2.0 extra mile and name it Klustr? Good one guys…

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