Network Solutions – Did THAT Just Happen?

Posted in Business, Tech by collinevan on March 19, 2008

…and by that I mean me getting duped worse than a blind kid gambling on his vision.

I decided to man up and be a true tech geek. I decided to buy a web domain.

It was going to be suhweet. It would be the home of all my ramblamatic life nonsenseries that I periodically push as socially acceptable viewpoints. I’d give it a great name, “”, and every Tom, Dick, and Larry would come to see what brilliance I conjured in those hours between sleep and awakened consciousness.

Like any good and faithful idealist, I planned it all out in my mind, and mentally skipped to Network Solutions as I (once again the blind kid metaphor) blindly punched my desired domain into their evil form. Grr, that form.

To make a long story short, the domain was available so I waited to buy. I check it a few more times and finally decided to commit myself to the small 2 digit loss for a beefy new website.

Once I was ready to check out, I saw the price was all of a sudden $35. I’m cool headed, so I didn’t panic. But I did get an idea.

Checked sitelutions… not available.

Checked Go Daddy… not available.

Checked Network Solutions again… available, but now it’s $40.

So now I have the option to rant to you about how that’s dishonest, ridiculous business that should not be engaged, even on our super unregulated internet. I’m not going to do that so I can save people’s eyes from a text fest.

I’m going to say this much tho… it is the most unlegit, sad, and self serving business practice I have ever seen. I hope they get nabbed and Enron’ed (that’s right, I just made that a verb). Since when has it been good business to exploit your customers as much as you can to make things happen for you (*ahem communism*).

Oh, and in the end. I did buy a domain. I got the .net from Sitelutions. I’m too much of a freedom fighter to support that.


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