A Sea of Particles and Articles

Posted in Life by collinevan on April 22, 2008

When Shakespeare penned one of his plays, did he wonder if his words would ever get lost? It is an endless context that literature is supported by, mostly because words are the most primal, yet sophisticated form of expression humankind has ever used. Images bring to mind thoughts and ideas. Sounds remind us of something that ultimately is put into words. Then, words are inserted again into music to justify the relative emotions with thought.

Communication is our most sincere natural addiction. The need for information is only superseded by the curiosity that ignites it. Indulgence in prose, poetry, fact, fiction, and everything that rests in between is one of the few life journeys that can always be embarked upon without a map or even a desire of specific destination. Much of the greatest productive thinking is the offspring of haphazard information gathering.

I wonder if we have learned to appreciate the Internet as a great medium for the creative wordsmith. I’ve heard countless people categorize the Internet as a wasteful repository of unfounded thought. That same notion strikes me as an uncentered sense of intellectual awareness.

Whatever the case is, I know a few things about myself and how I learn. It’s much less like a linear division and organization of logic and more like an ebb and flow.

I learn less when I am instructed to tell my mind that it has to be interested.

I learn less when I have to force my brain to connect a concept that someone else’s learning determined is properly related.

I learn less when I control my natural God-given instincts and inspirations.

It’s funny that we deify the marvels of science and nature, but refuse to yield with wonder to its tendencies. Our brains, spirits, and understanding work so closely together, they have little need to ask our permission to perform. Yet, we insist.

As I grow and progress, I find myself spending less time knowing what’s best for myself, and more time waiting. And with words, I listen to what they say. Sometimes I have conclusions, others more questions. Still others I find satisfaction in knowing that I will never close the book on their meaning and intent… they will always speak in an open ended conversation.

That, to me, is the power of words.


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