Squatting, but not really

Posted in Of no import by collinevan on August 19, 2008

Beggars can’t be choosers, right?

BYU has a killer housing policy that leaves a good amount of students without a place for a week of the year. Homeless everywhere, students squat with family, friends, or anyone else willing to let them haul boxes and luggage into their peaceful homes.

Normally, if you’re lucky and get a good place, you don’t complain. This year, I landed a sweet hookup a friend’s new basement apartment living below their buddy and his wife. Couldn’t be better right? Friends is better than family in this case, since it’s always worse to inconvenience people with children.

I didn’t quite know what to expect but it ended up being a crappy deal. Forget that I’m far away from anything, no car, no bathroom door for privacy, the place is unfinished and their’s paint dust that leaves my chest hurting, no bed, no food, no internet (which is an issue since all my work is online and I work from the computer at my place) and various other awkwarnesses.

The real kicker is that they prorated the rent on me and i’m paying 70 bucks to live here. Yeah, it’s pretty lame. That means that the rent normally would cost me 280 to live super far away and without basic stuff that should be included in an apartment of this quality.

I mean, if we’re going to make it a money issue, shouldn’t we lower the rent because it’s still summer? Rent for most places at BYU during the summer ends up being about half. And let’s not forget the distance factor, which lowers rent. Also take into account the lack of necessities. This place, in all logic, should cost about 100 bucks/mo. So, maybe I should be paying 25$ for the roof over my head for a week.

Yeah, I’m complaining, which is pretty sad and I shouldn’t do. But, at least have some equal logic, no?

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