++anything to make a buck

Posted in Uncategorized by collinevan on December 29, 2008

Let me be first to say that I scarcely would doubt the brilliance of human creativity. 

Self-made author Herman Rosenblat tells a story of falling in love with an “angel at the fence” during his years as a teenage prisoner in a German concentration camp. Since his story has recieved publish status, Holocaust scholars have come out with fingers wagging over the implausability of his story. The verdict is still out, but it may just be that someone is leveraging the greatest tragedy in human history to tell a fake love tale and sell it as his own. 

You can do anything to achieve the American dream… well anything except discredit the populous intellegence. Sad day for Mr. Rosenblat if this come to light. 

Apparently, this would just be another of a series of fraudulent love memoirs to be published over the last few years. I’m mildly impressed at the creativity, but am quickly disappointed at halfway planned love delusions passing as million dollar deals in one of the most intellegent and literary societies in the world. Huuuge sigh…