Posted in Uncategorized by collinevan on January 2, 2009

I’ve been in and out of consciousness today. Sickness hit me like a bag of bricks.. when people manage to get hit by bags of bricks. It’s hard to keep in the creative zone when you feel awful, and that’s just where I was at. 

Wanna know just how misplaced I’ve been today? These are the tabs I have open on my browser. 

Gmail — SeeqPod — BOOOOOOOM! — Google Docs — WordPress — — This American Life

Gmail is for chatting mostly… although I’ve been invisible because I’m not in the mood for getting into conversations I don’t have control over starting.

SeeqPod because I have a playlist of good songs that make me feel creative, and that’s the closest feeling next to true love that I have right now. 

BOOOOOOOM! because I’m trying to decide if I even like the site. Landed on it through an image on 






Google Docs because I planned on working on my marketing materials, but blew time on other stuff as I was hardly focused today. Keeping it open makes me feel good when I switch to that tab when people walk in. 

GOG because I wanted to download an old PC game. I like the old ones. That site sells them for super cheap and it makes me feel like I’m 11.

This American Life because no other bit of media better portrays human nature, and I love people.