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Posted in Business, Creativity, mormonism by collinevan on February 2, 2009

Ever wonder if your self concept is accurate enough to lead you to an ideally practical future?

It seems wholly logical to assume that all people are well endowed with enough common sense to make solid decisions. That is, of course, if they aren’t in denial or lying to themselves.

Of course, I speak introspectively. I can’t help but assume i’m not alone in that.

I believe that all people are blessed with an intuition that is unique. I believe that no vision is less good or important than another. Most never get realized, as people are afraid to attack them. But that’s not the only problem. I think most visions that fall apart are because individuals aren’t persistent enough to follow them to their success.

Let me get religious. I’m LDS… I believe in the Book of Mormon. I believe, by all accounts, that Joseph Smith saw God and His Son, Jesus Christ. I believe that he translated the ancient scripture of the Americas. I believe in the Book of Mormon, therefore I believe in Joseph Smith.

Now, in so many points, Joseph’s vision brought him more than enough reason to give up on his work. I’d dare say he struggled for the better part of his life just to get people to respect him, trust him, and follow him. His ideals led him down to abuse. They even led him down to death.

Were they good? Yes. Was he successful. Yes. Has he been instrumental in bringing millions of people truth, confidence, trust in God, faith in progression, and eternal understanding? I think he has.

Mormons are happy people. They serve, stay close, love each other, build goodness, and work hard. All things that can be hard to see these days. He did a great work. I think anyone would have given in and said that it wasn’t a good idea and the work wasn’t going to make it. Never have so many people been so wrong.


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