Posted in Uncategorized by collinevan on February 19, 2009

My roommate came in just moments ago to remind me how static I can be when in front of a computer. Not to mention that I’m sitting on a raised sofa and using the computer on a projector screen. Forget him… i’m putting up my current tabs…

++Google Reader++Design Observer++Gmail++SeeqPod++Bardhi Haliti++Wordpress++

Google Reader because I just figured out the sharing feature and told everyone I know about the FUD. It was entirely necessary to take something so atrocious and get the word out. Side note, I feel bad for women in these terrible no toilet situations.

Small plug for Google Reader. Use it.

Design Observer because I actually read the articles posted there less than I click on the links to the side. So much information that’s quick enough to keep me ADD but important enough to have substance.

Gmail because it’s always open. I use the “tasks” pane to keep track of what to do. Makes me feel productive. I also have gchat there. Makes me unproductive. Does Google realize the contradictory nature of these features?

SeeqPod because I have 2 playlists. Music I listen to when being creative and classic rock. The classic rock is good, but it’s also a crowd pleaser. Important when people start getting sick of the experimental music I love so dearly.

Bardhi Haliti’s blog because something I was looking at reminded me of something and then something else made me think to look. He does good work.

WordPress because duh.


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  1. Kevin said, on February 20, 2009 at 6:25 am

    I feel no one shares in my google reader life. And I share a ton. I’m glad I have someone who will share with me. Ps do you use

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