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Posted in Entrepreneurship by collinevan on March 30, 2009

Some of the people who read this know me fairly well. A lot of the people who read this don’t know me, but saw that article I wrote ages ago about crappy Christmas gifts. Everyone’s welcome.
Those who know me know I’ve been working on a project for a very long time. Being that this is the Internet and not quite the forum to divulge any details, I won’t go into it. This is purely to say that it’s just about ready. I’m stoked. It has been hard painstaking work. I have a team working with me that has had to learn the ins and outs of my absolutely disorganized mind. They have stuck with me through the thickest of it all, and for that they deserve more credit than I can amply reward at this point.

It’s been years in the making. I’ve put a lot on the line. The only thing that has held me together is the faith and confidence that it will be successful… well there’s a bit of passion and idealism mixed in there. The pressure is mounting, but I’m only getting more excited and envigorated.

Sorry my dear dating life, I have left you in the dust. Sorry to anyone who has had to bear the burden of my ambition… I have some great friends. Keep your eyes open soon, because when it hits it’s going to be good.


A Panel of Geniuses – And Digg Came out of This?

Posted in Business, Entrepreneurship by collinevan on February 22, 2008

Guy Kawasaki is somewhat of an Internet phenomenon. He’s a great example of self-promotion. That’s a good thing.

These guys he’s interviewing are some of the most successful and prestigious business men today. That’s a good thing.

Somehow, someone here invested in Digg. Rightfully so as Digg is a wildly successful company. That’s a good thing?

If I keep this blog up long enough, you’ll come to hear my rants and raves about Digg. It’s a great model that attracts pure filth.

Anyway this is a video of The Global Technology Symposium at Stanford University from January 30, 2008. The symposium is with famous angel investors and businessmen Andy Bechtolsheim, Ron Conway, and Dr. Ian Sobieski. If you’re a tech business nerd like me, you’ll know the names and faces. For those of you who don’t, watch the video for introductions. They’re truly inspiring and good to listen to.