+++some things you just can’t wait for

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Some thing are so great, you just can’t wait for em. When you get your hands on them, you’re so glad you have it, no harm can be done. Like a new album by the band Phoenix. It’s a bafflingly edifying creative experience. I hope I can make things that become that to someone, someday.


++to become truly creative

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I think you need a period in your life where you can forget everything else and explore your creativity as fully as possible.

++what i found in Elisa’s car when I rode in it

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1. Truth Serums.

2. A copy of “how to win friends and influence people”.

3. Old Peanuts comics with all pictures of Lucy cut out and replaced with photos of Elisa’s head.

4. About 10 crumpled up, unsent love letters to a guy name “Big Frisco“.

5. Candy cigarettes.

6. Soul-glo

7. A pile of temporary tattoos.

8. A book called “Tight jeans hipsters and the ‘I love art, really‘ movement”.

9. A grown man.

10. A small handheld tape recorder that consequently had Elisa performing the theme song to “Tailspin” and telling jokes from Laffy Taffy wrappers in what seemed to be a lonely bedroom.

11. A diorama of Teddy Grahams fighting Animal Crackers.

12. This Book

13. And this book.

14. A conceptual drawing of robot hamsters with the note “get approved”.

15. A Michael Jackson mask.

16. Other people’s parking tickets… about 200 of them.

+++it’s neither sad nor pathetic

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I know a lot of junk on the Internet. I’ve been oppressed by probably the most secretly guilty of accusers. Bottom line is, I see lots of links from friends, sites I read, and etc. I’m wicked curious and have the worst time paying attention, so put it all together and you get someone who knows a TON of junk on the Internet.

Yesterday I shared a video on my gchat status and and ex-girlfriend informed me that it was the first time she had seen a video before I showed her first.

Here’s more… enjoy it and appreciate the source of where you discovered it from.

+++I want…

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Being that I spend so much of my time now a days in my sketch book, I have learned the value of having a good one. I’d love a set of these just to jot everything down in. So typical, right?


++on fashion and the sartorialist

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… because it’s not longer current to assume that fashion only takes pause for the feminine types. Culture demands that people repsect their bodies as one of the greatest and most self-exposing art forms out there. It doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone, to some degree, cares about what they put on to represent themselves.

That’s why the Sartorilalist is a great website. Regular people caught in the middle of their days displaying their own unique style. The photography is great too. In fact, it couldn’t be said any better than the site author says in his site biography.

I started The Sartorialist simply to share photos of people that I saw on the streets of New York that I thought looked great. When I worked in the fashion industry (15 years), I always felt that there was a disconnect between what I was selling in the showroom and what I was seeing real people (really cool people) wearing in real life.

Just wanted to share that.


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…in which i post images that catch my eye upon first glance, despite whether or not I like them after the second (in which many cases I don’t). I apologize if anything ends up being offensive. I’m just putting them up as they grab me.

!!! when you realize you did it wrong the whole time…

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I just went on a stint of uncreativity. I got used to thinking wrong. Awful, I know. Suckers, now I remember how to come up with rad ideas. It’s good to be back.



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My roommate came in just moments ago to remind me how static I can be when in front of a computer. Not to mention that I’m sitting on a raised sofa and using the computer on a projector screen. Forget him… i’m putting up my current tabs…

++Google Reader++Design Observer++Gmail++SeeqPod++Bardhi Haliti++Wordpress++

Google Reader because I just figured out the sharing feature and told everyone I know about the FUD. It was entirely necessary to take something so atrocious and get the word out. Side note, I feel bad for women in these terrible no toilet situations.

Small plug for Google Reader. Use it.

Design Observer because I actually read the articles posted there less than I click on the links to the side. So much information that’s quick enough to keep me ADD but important enough to have substance.

Gmail because it’s always open. I use the “tasks” pane to keep track of what to do. Makes me feel productive. I also have gchat there. Makes me unproductive. Does Google realize the contradictory nature of these features?

SeeqPod because I have 2 playlists. Music I listen to when being creative and classic rock. The classic rock is good, but it’s also a crowd pleaser. Important when people start getting sick of the experimental music I love so dearly.

Bardhi Haliti’s blog because something I was looking at reminded me of something and then something else made me think to look. He does good work.

WordPress because duh.

I don’t read enough…

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So says Google Reader.

Google is reprimanding me

Google is reprimanding me